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A crack in the wall

Summary : 

Pablo Sim's life is a mess. His career as an architect is at a dead-end; reduced to designing soulless office buildings desecrating the heart of Buenos Aires. His marriage seems to be one endless argument with his wife over the theatrics of their rebellious teenage daughter. Everything changes with the unexpected appearance of Leonor, a beautiful young woman living in the apartment of Nelso Jara, and a blackmailer who has been murdered and buried in the foundations of a building finished twenty years before.

My review / Mon avis : 

Claudia Pineiro is a writer that I really like and I was curious to discover this book, never translated in french. 
Claudia Pineiro est une auteur que j'aime beaucoup et j'étais curieuse de découvrir ce livre, jamais traduit en français.  

A crack in the wall is both literal and symbolic. Pablo Simó is an architect who has to deal with Nelson Jara, a man  who complains that a crack appeared in the wall of his apartment after the construction of a nearby building by Pablo's company. The tension rises slowly between the two men.
"La fissure dans le mur" a deux sens : propre comme au figuré. Pablo Simó est un architecte qui doit négocier avec Nelson Jara, un homme qui se plaint de l'apparition du fissure dans le mur de son appartement après la construction d'un immeuble par la compagnie de Pablo. La tension monte progressivement entre les deux hommes.

The crack is also for Pablo the symbol of mid-life crisis, the opportunity to make decisions and change his life. 
La fissure est aussi un symbole de la crise de la quarantaine de Pablo, l'opportunité de prendre des décision et de changer de vie. 

It is a really dark book, and the reader knows from the beginning who died and who is the murderer. But this murder is only a small element that the writer uses to build her story around.
C'est un roman très noir, et le lecteur sait d'avance qui va mourir et qui est le meurtrier. Mais le meurtre est au final juste un petit élément qui permet a l'auteur de broder son histoire autour.

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