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Death in August

[Lu en anglais]

Summary :

Florence, summer 1963. Inspector Bordelli is one of the few policemen left in the deserted city. He spends his days on routine work, and his nights tormented by the heat and mosquitoes.

Suddenly one night, a telephone call gives him a new sense of purpose: the suspected death of a wealthy Signora. Bordelli rushes to her hilltop villa, and picks the locks. The old woman is lying on her bed - apparently killed by an asthma attack, though her medicine has been left untouched.

With the help of his young protégé, the victim's eccentric brother, and a semi-retired petty thief, the inspector begins a murder investigation. Each suspect has a solid alibi, but there is something that doesn't quite add up . . .

My review : 

Prêt pour un voyage en Toscane sous la chaleur étouffante du mois d'Aout 1963? Prêt pour une rencontre avec un policier hors-norme et des personnages charismatiques? Prêt pour mener l’enquête?

Ready for a trip in Toscany under the stuffy heat of August 1963? Ready to meet an unuasual inspector and some charismatic characters ? Ready to investigate ?

Marco Vichi signe ici le premier tome d'une saga qui s'annonce prometteuse. Le récit est fluide et le roman se lit très vite. L’enquête est lente, pas de sang ou de descriptions macabres mais une enquête qui se veut pourtant prenante. Une fois commençait, il est impossible de lâcher le livre. Il me tarde maintenant de lire la suite.

Marco Vichi is the writer of the promising inspector Bordelli saga. Even if the instigation is slow, without any blood or macabre descriptions like many of thrillers or crime books today, the story takes you and it is difficult to put down. I can't wait to read the second book "Death and the olive grove" and to return to Italy with inspector Bordelli.

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